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Grizzle Tattoo Artist and Crawfish master
Tattoos by Grizzle

From the swamps of Louisiana came a young man name Grizzle who would learn to draw and cook crawfish properly.  Grizzle than decided to leave the swamps and found himself a apprenticeship at SuperChango Tattoos in Woodland Texas. His training consists of drawing skills, weapon making, survival skills, and ofcourse the art of tattooing. Once Grizzle completed his training he was sent off into the wastelands where he would advance the skills he has learned. Many adventures Grizzle has encourated  from working the Sin City located in the desert, to tattooing in Seattle washington.  He than found his way to Tampa Bay area founding his way to Saint Petersburg FL.

Grizzle has been tattooing for over 8 years now. His artwork is a spin off a New School stye to Neo Traddtional influence, Illustrative art, watercolor, and much more.

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